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Maheshwara Spiritual University

The Maheshwara Spiritual University is an International Spiritual Science & Research Center which will be open to all earnest Spiritual seekers providing them the necessary facilities and faculty in Spiritual Studies to help transform ‘from within’ and be a responsible Human Being on the planet.

The curriculum will identify and develop the individual’s personality while making him realize the purpose of life and his creative responsibility towards all life on the planet. This will lay a strong foundation for a responsible and awareness filled creative value living of the individual which is completely missing in the modern education system. This will be developed on lines our ancient education system.

The university will thus help promote ‘Global Peace, Harmony and Universal Brotherhood’, which are beyond any particular religion or community. The campus will have the following facilities –

  • Maheshwara Pyramid – (180’x180′) world’s largest Meditation Pyramid
  • Graduation and Research Programs in Spiritual Sciences
  • Online and Distant Learning Spiritual Courses
  • Spiritual and Sacred Science Library
  • Holistic Spiritual Healing Centre
  • Spiritual Agriculture & Farming
  • Residential facilities for Students and Visitors

The various facilities being provided at the campus will help an earnest individual to explore and experience the beauty of Spiritual Science and easily attain Spiritual Wisdom.


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