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“Daana for Dhyana is the highest possible Daana” -Brahmarshi Patriji

Our core values discourage commercial activity of any kind in spirituality and true to this spirit the pyramid spiritual trust-Hyderabad project will be completed and run only with generous donations from Mediators, Pyramid Masters, Spiritual Seekers, Philanthropists and Corporate Houses across the world. Donation request for the specific project will be closed once the required fund is received.

Your generous contributions to the program can help in the following ways:

  • To encourage people from rural and economically weaker sections to visit Maheshwara Pyramid and help in their spiritual growth.
  • To free the meditators from thinking of basic bodily needs when they are in Valley and enable them to be more effective.
  • To fulfill our spiritual responsibility.

Note : All the donations made are eligible for income tax exemption under 80G. To avail the benefit please furnish your PAN Number while donating


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